Software Asset Management Expert

International & independent

Softline Solutions, as independent Software Asset Management specialist, is market leader in Europe. The deployment of Softline Solutions' portfolio of services offers a comprehensive solution that allows management to make well-founded decisions regarding the installation, use and costs of software.

International & independent

International Software Asset Management expert
  • Independent Software Asset Management market leader in Europe
  • International SAM organisation
  • SAM implementation using the right balance between organisation, process & technology
  • Approach fully focused on ISO/IEC standard & best practises from hundreds of (international) SAM projects each year
  • From implementation of SAM in an enterprise environment to complete outsourcing of SAM & License Management

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management visualised

Software Asset Management (SAM) provides insight into software assets for an organisation, whereby compliance is realised and unnecessary costs are avoided. The tried and tested SAM@Softline approach is based on the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 standard for Software Asset Management and best practices from the hundreds of international SAM projects that take place each year. The SAM@Softline approach is visualised as a house, and built from the ground up.

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