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Pocket Guide Software Asset Management

International Pocket Guide SAM describes Softline Solutions' vision and approach on Software Asset Management and is entirely based on best practices, whereby theory is alternated with practical examples.

Step by step to maturity

Software Asset Management Pocket Guide

This International Pocket Guide SAM (written in English, French & Dutch) describes our vision and approach regarding Software Asset Management and is fully based on best practices, where theory is alternated with examples from real business cases.

This pocket guide describes how to integrate the three essential Software Asset Management elements Organisation, Process & Technology and how they contribute to a successful SAM implementation.

In addition, explanation is given on the following questions:

  • How to determine the current SAM maturity level.
  • How to set-up a SAM strategy that fits your organisation now and in the future.
  • And does your short-term plan schedule look like and where are your organisation's quick wins?
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